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Zimbabwe: 1. What are the policies and agendas of the MDC? 2. How many branches does the MDC have? 3. Who was the leader of the Matombo branch of the MDC? 4. How many members of the MDC belonged to the Matombo branch? 5. Did the Mashonaland West Province have branches of the MDC? 6. Can you provide information about the MDC in the Zvimba district? 7. Who were its leaders? 8. Where and how often did members meet? 9. What elections were held between 1997-2003 in the Zvimba district? 10. What were the results of those elections between 1997-2003 in the Zvimba district? 11. Can you provide information on the treatment of MDC supporters by the CIO in the Zvimba district between 1997-2003? 12. Is it plausible that having been beaten and tortured by members of the CIO a known MDC supporter would continue to be employed in a government agency? 13. Is there a MDC office in Australia?

5 April 2007 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

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