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Argentina: Protection and recourse available to female victims of domestic violence in Cordoba (2001 to January 2003)

Publisher Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Author Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada
Publication Date 22 January 2003
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The Cordoba provincial government's Website states that its Ministry of Solidarity (Ministerio de la Solidaridad) has initiated a domestic violence prevention and assistance program (Programa de Prevención y Asistencia de la Violencia en el Ámbito de las Relaciones Familiares) (Argentina 2002). Among other things, this program provides comprehensive assistance services to victims of physical or psychological violence (ibid.). According to the site, victims of domestic violence can contact the following organizations:    

Dirección de Promoción de la Familia, Ministerio de la Solidaridad, Av. Vélez Sarsfield 2311, Córdoba, Tel. +54.351.468.8542

Centro de Asistencia a la Víctima del Delito, Pje. Santa Catalina 66, Córdoba, Tel. +54.351.434.1500

Hospital de Niños, Tel. +54.351.458.6400 (ibid.).

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) identifies two other organizations which provide assistance to victims of domestic violence:

Casa de la Mujer "Juana Manso," La Rioja 590 1st Oficina 13 (5000), Córdoba, Tel: +54.351.25.0430 (psychological and legal assistance, and training)

Centro de Asistencia Integral a la Mujer Maltratada (CAIMM). Lima 266 (5000), Córdoba, Tel: +54.351.21.0251 (assistance and advice) (13 Aug. 2002).

With regard to the Centro de Asistencia a la Víctima del Delito (Assistance Centre for Victims of Crime), La Voz del Interior notes that the organization, which falls under the jurisdiction of Cordoba's provincial Ministry of the Interior, and which was established in 1986 to help victims of various crimes, has become over the years a centre almost exclusively dedicated to domestic violence (3 Feb. 2002). According to the article, the centre's staff (lawyers, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers) provides assistance to 500 people on average each month (La Voz del Interior 3 Feb. 2002). This situation reflects that of the family courts where close to 80 per cent of cases deal with domestic violence (ibid.). The article reports that five female victims of domestic violence in Cordoba had been killed at the end of January or beginning of February 2001 (ibid.). One of them received death threats and a lawyer from the centre had advised her to report her aggressor to the police; another victim had been killed by her husband three days before she was to testify against him in court (ibid.).

Country Reports 2001 states that any victim of domestic violence in Argentina can submit an official complaint to a judge or a police station (2002, sect. 5). The severity of the injuries determines the punishment, pursuant to the civil and criminal codes (Country Reports 2001 2002, Sect. 5). In addition, the legislation on protection against domestic violence authorizes judges to prohibit the aggressor from accessing the victim's home or place of work, and to make interim orders regarding family support and child custody (ibid.).

Please see ARG32541.FE of 19 August 1999 for information on recourse available to female rape victims and ARG34113.E of 12 April 2000 for information on recourse available to female victims of domestic violence in Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim to refugee status or asylum. Please find below the list of additional sources consulted in researching this Information Request.


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