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Climate change and mass migration: a growing threat to global security

19 January 2017 | Publisher: IRIN | Document type: Country News

Bangladesh: Disappearances, Clampdown on Critics

12 January 2017 | Publisher: Human Rights Watch | Document type: Country News

World Report 2017 - Bangladesh

12 January 2017 | Publisher: Human Rights Watch | Document type: Annual Reports

Bangladesh: Odhikar Annual Human Rights Report 2016

January 2017 | Publisher: World Organisation Against Torture | Document type: Annual Reports

Reporter arrested over coverage of garment industry strike

30 December 2016 | Publisher: Reporters Without Borders | Document type: Country News

"I Want to Live With My Head Held High" - Abuses in Bangladesh's Legal Recognition of Hijras

23 December 2016 | Publisher: Human Rights Watch | Document type: Country News

Bangladesh: Mahmudur Rahman should be allowed to travel for medical treatment

23 December 2016 | Publisher: International Federation for Human Rights | Document type: Country News

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2016 - South Asia

22 December 2016 | Publisher: UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) | Document type: Country Profiles

Country Policy and Information Note - Bangladesh: Sexual orientation and gender identity

19 December 2016 | Publisher: United Kingdom: Home Office | Document type: Country Reports

Myanmar's handling of northern Rakhine lesson in how to make 'bad situation worse' - UN rights chief

16 December 2016 | Publisher: UN News Service | Document type: Country News

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