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MONUC condemns further assassinations in North Kivu

Publisher UN Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC)
Author Eoin Young
Publication Date 15 August 2007
Cite as UN Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC), MONUC condemns further assassinations in North Kivu, 15 August 2007, available at: [accessed 30 May 2016]

Eoin Young / MONUC, 15 aug. 07 - 17.21h

At its weekly press conference on Wednesday 15 August 2007, MONUC condemned the further assassinations in North Kivu province in eastern DRC, with the killing of a journalist in Goma and a local government official in Rutshuru territory.

"The past week was marked by new assassinations that appear to be deliberately targeted, such as the assassination of an independent photo reporter in Goma, as well as the killing of a local official in Nyamilima village in Rutshuru, " explained MONUC spokesperson Kemal Saiki.

MONUC condemned to the full the cowardly assassination of independent photo reporter Patrick Kikuku Wilungala in Goma, on the night of 9/10 August. Mr Wilungula, a member of the National Congolese Press Union (UNPC), was killed by an unidentified armed man a few metres from his home in Ndosho, in Goma's Karisimbi suburb.

Unfortunately it has proven impossible, at this time, to establish whether his death was directly linked to his work.

"MONUC wishes to extend its profoundest condolences to Mr. Wilungula's family and the Congolese media, hit again through an act of violence by armed men. MONUC's Human Rights division will spare no effort in investigating this murder, and will do all within its means to ensure that the perpetrators are brought before justice," Mr. Saiki underlined.

This assassination follows the June murder, also by armed men, of Radio Okapi journalist Serge Maheshe in Bukavu in South Kivu province, whose murder trial is underway.

MONUC reiterated its appeal to the Congolese authorities to reinforce their protection measures for media representatives on Congolese territory, and that its does all within its power to allow them to work freely, without hindrance or intimidation.

Furthermore MONUC deplored the assassination of Mr. Muzana, a local official in Nyamilima village in Rutshuru, who was killed on 13 August during the course of an attack on the village and its FARDC positions by a group believed to be Hutu combatants, with much subsequent looting.

Mr. Muzana was the last official left in Nyamilima, as his colleagues had left some months before due to threats and intimidation. Upon hearing of the attack, MONUC sent a rapid reaction force to the village to ensure no civilians would be trapped amisdst the fighting.

Upon arriving at the scene they found the bodies of Mr. Muzana and a young 12 year old girl, both of whom had been visibly targeted by the assailants.

Finally MONUC reiterated its concern over the continuing human rights violations and attacks on civilians, in particular by the various rebel groups and security forces in North Kivu.

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