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Iran: Information on the current situation of Baluchis

Publisher Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Author Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada
Publication Date 1 March 1992
Citation / Document Symbol IRN10553
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In addition to the information already available to you, please find attached a copy of recent news articles referring to confrontations between Baluchi separatists and Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Also attached, please find a BBC Summary of World Broadcasts transcript of a Kurdish Rebel Radio's editorial alleging mistreatment of Baluchis in Iran. Some of the attached articles refer to operations against drug smugglers and addicts in different regions of Iran, including Sistan va Baluchistan.

One of the attachments refers to the arrest, in Pakistan, of a member of Pakistan's Baluchistan province assembly on drug smuggling charges (Reuters 13 May 1991). The Report states that hundreds of kilograms of heroin, opium and other drugs, as well as illegal arms, were seized near the Iranian border (Ibid.).

According to one of the attached articles, the Baluchi representative in the Iranian Parliament "recently accused the founders of Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution of `irrational behaviours and aggressiveness' towards Baluchis in their anti-drug effort" (The New York Times 4 Dec. 1991). In another article reporting the execution of alleged "bandits" that fought security forces in Sistan va Baluchestan, opposition leaders in exile have reportedly said that "the Islamic Republic masks executions of opposition figures through drug charges" (The Associated Press 7 Dec. 1991).

One attached article reports that clashes between Baluchi rebels and Revolutionary Guards are frequent in the Baluch although "never reported by the tightly-controlled Iranian media" (The Independent 16 July 1991). The report quotes a Baluchi leader and spokesman for the rebels as saying that an attack by Iranian and Pakistani armies against the Baluch on both sides of the international border was expected, with Teheran declaring the area a war zone (Ibid.). The same Baluchi source reportedly stated that Pakistan had "agreed to round up our people who have fled and taken refuge in Pakistan and to hand them over to the Iranian Guards" (Ibid.).

Additional and/or corroborating information on the recent statements quoted in the preceding paragraph could not be found among other sources currently available to the IRBDC.

For additional background information on the situation of Baluchis, some sections of books are included with this response.

All attachments are listed below.


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