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Publisher National Legislative Bodies / National Authorities
Author Kingdom of Sweden
Publication Date 1 January 1975
Reference SWE-010
Cite as Constitution [Sweden],  1 January 1975, available at: [accessed 27 August 2014]
Comments This is an unofficial translation. This document includes only provisions relating to citizenship and aliens.
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Date of entry into force: 01January 1975

Article 7

No citizen may be expatriated or prevented from entering the Realm. No citizen who is or has been resident in the Realm may be deprived of his citizenship except when he is or at the same time becomes a national of another State.

Article 20

Any foreigner within the Realm shall be on equality with a Swedish citizen with regard to:

(1)protection against any compulsion to participate in meetings for the purpose of the formation of opinions or in a demonstration or other expression of opinions, or to belong to a religious community or other association (Article 2, second sentence);

(2)protection against capital punishment, corporal punishment and torture as well as against medical influence for the purpose of extorting or preventing statements (Articles 4 and 5);

(3)the rights to the trial by a court of any deprivation of liberty on account of a criminal act or a suspicion of such act (Article 9, first paragraph);

(4)the protection against the institution of a court for a particular case (Article 11, first paragraph);

(5)protection against discrimination on account of race, skin colour, or ethnical origin, or on account of sex (Articles 15 and 16);

(6)the right to take strike or lock-out actions (Article 17);

(7)the right to compensation in cases of expropriation or other such disposition (Article 18). Unless otherwise provided by special rules of law, any foreigner within the Realm shall be on equality with a Swedish citizen also with regard to:

(1)the freedom of expression, the freedom of information, the freedom of assembly, the freedom of demonstration, the freedom of association, and the freedom of religion (Article 1);

(2)the protection against any compulsion to make known his opinions (Article 2, first sentence);

(3)the protection against bodily encroachment also in cases other than those referred to in Articles 4 and 5, against bodily search, search of his home, or similar encroachment, as well as against encroachments on confidential communications (Article 6);

(4)the protection against deprivation of liberty (Article 8, first sentence);

(5)the right to trial by a court of any deprivation of liberty for reasons other than a criminal act or a suspicion of such act (Article 9, second paragraph);

(6)the publicity of court proceedings (Article 11, second paragraph);

(7)protection against any encroachment on grounds of opinions (Article 12, second paragraph, third sentence);

(8)the rights of authors, artists, and photographers to their work (Article 19).

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