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Brazil: Corruption scandals from 1999 to 2001 involving elected officials and their associates in Sao Paulo; arrests, investigations, outcomes; media involvement in exposing corruption, specifically, which media

Publisher Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Author Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board, Canada
Publication Date 14 March 2002
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According to InfoBrazil, there have been several scandals of corruption involving municipal officials and their associates in Sao Paulo since 1998 (30 Dec. 2000 - 5 Jan. 2001; 28 Jul. - 3 Aug. 2000; 26 May - 1 Jun. 2000; 28 Apr. - 4 May 2000; 17-23 Mar. 2000; 6-12 Aug. 1999)

An alleged bribery scandal led to the arrest of a city inspector in mid- 1998 (ibid. 6-12 Aug. 1999). "The deal was captured with a hidden camera, and shown on Globo's most watched prime time national newscast" (ibid.). This initial incident led to the approval of an inquest into "allegations of widespread corruption" involving council members (ibid.), which eventually caused the removal from office of councillors Vicente Viscome and Maeli Vergniano (ibid. 28 Apr. - 4 May 2000), and the conviction of dozens of city inspectors (ibid. 26 May - 1 June 2000).

On 25 April 2000, InfoBrazil reported that councillor Maria Helena was facing "[t]hree counts of breach of parliamentary decorum, [ ...] including attempted extortion and misappropriation of funds - all charges stem from the ongoing municipal corruption scandal involving inspectors, councillors, members of the executive and the business community ... " (ibid. 28 Apr. - 4 May 2000). TV Globo's investigation determined that the corruption scheme had yielded over $550 million in one year (ibid. 28 Jul. - 3 Aug. 2000).

Another scandal stemmed from public accusations by then mayor Celso Pitta's ex-wife Nicéia and involved "members of City Council, her former husband and mayor Celso Pitta and several of his top aides, his predecessor Paulo Maluf [ ... ,] Maluf's son Flavio, plus some of the former mayor's top political and business associates" (ibid. 17-23 Mar. 2000). Mayor Pitta continued to serve as mayor while appeals were heard for his conviction on several counts of wrongdoing and mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds (ibid. 28 Apr. - 4 May 2000). Attempts at impeachment failed within city council (BBC News 24 Mar. 2000), and Pitta served his entire term until the end of 2000 (InfoBrazil 30 Dec. 2000 - 5 Jan. 2001).

Both the inspector scandal (ibid. 6-12 Aug. 1999) and the Pitta scandal (ibid. 17-23 Mar. 2000; OneWorld 31 Mar. 2000) were initially made public by Globo Media. InfoBrazil further stated that the mayor dismissed the allegations as a personal vendetta against him by Globo for past conflicts (17-23 Mar. 2000).

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