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Azerbaijan: Freedom of the press and the treatment of journalists (2006 - February 2007)

Publisher Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Author Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Ottawa
Publication Date 9 March 2007
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Various sources report that freedom of the press in Azerbaijan is deteriorating or non-existent and that journalists are ill-treated by authorities (ANS TV 2 Nov. 2006; EurasiaNet 2 Jan. 2007; AI 9 Aug. 2006; ibid. 24 Jan. 2007a; The Financial Times 28 Dec. 2006; RFE/RL 7 Mar. 2006). In its 24 January 2007 report on freedom of expression in Azerbaijan, Amnesty International (AI) outlines the following concerns:

the organization has received numerous reports regarding the harassment, including physical abuse, of journalists by law enforcement officials, a trend that has risen sharply during politically sensitive periods.... [U]nidentified actors have carried out a series of violent attacks on journalists which have resulted in life-threatening injuries or even death.... The fact that no one has been brought to justice for the attacks, and that in most cases the identity of the assailants remains unknown, has also contributed to a climate of impunity for assaults and other forms of harassment against journalists.... [T]here has been an increase in the number of politically motivated arrests. (24 Jan. 2007b)

ANS, an independent television and radio station operating in Azerbaijan, which also retransmits information from the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC), Radio Free Europe and Voice of America, is "one of the few media outlets that openly criticises the government" (AFP 19 Oct. 2006; see also RSF 12 Dec. 2006 and CPJ 27 Nov. 2006). In June 2006, some ANS employees were arrested and under "a tax investigation apparently in order to keep the station's managers from acting too independently" (HRW 11 Jan. 2007). On 24 November 2006, ANS television station was taken off the air as the National Television and Radio Council withdrew ANS' licence (ANS TV 24 Nov. 2006; RFE/RL 24 Nov. 2006; CPJ 27 Nov. 2006) for "alleged regulatory violations" (AFP 19 Oct. 2006; RFE/RL 24 Nov. 2006). ANS was also evicted from its premises along with the independent news agency Turan and opposition newspapers Azadliq and Bizim Yol with which it shared offices (EurasiaNet 2 Jan. 2007; RFE/RL 29 Nov. 2006; CPJ 27 Nov. 2006). Authorities allowed ANS to resume operations in December 2006 (COE 13 Dec. 2006; EurasiaNet 2 Jan. 2007; RSF 12 Dec. 2006). However, ANS will have to participate in a frequency bid with other stations, and Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières – RSF) feared that "these concessions are just a temporary ploy by the government to appease its critics, and that a new crackdown could follow" (ibid.). Two sources indicate that these incidents were politically motivated (RSF 27 Nov. 2006; RFE/RL 29 Nov. 2006).

On 25 December 2006, Nicat Huseynov (also known as Nijat Daglar), a journalist for the opposition newspaper Azadliq, was attacked and "beaten" while leaving his home for work (The Financial Times 28 Dec. 2006; AI 24 Jan. 2007a; CPJ 26 Dec. 2006; Turan News Agency 25 Dec. 2006). Huseynov, who had written articles about corruption among high-ranking government officials, claimed that he had received threatening phone calls regarding his work prior to his attack (ibid.; CPJ 26 Dec. 2006; AI 24 Jan. 2007a; ibid. 10 Jan. 2007).

Sakit Zahidov (or Mirza Sakit Zahidov), another journalist for Azadliq in Azerbaijan, was arrested in June 2006 on drug-related charges (EurasiaNet 2 Jan. 2007; AFP 4 Oct. 2006; AI 24 Jan. 2007c; ibid. 9 Aug. 2006). Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports that the charges were brought against Zahidov "apparently to silence him for newspaper columns ... he wrote criticizing President Ilham Aliev and government corruption" (11 Jan. 2007; see also AI 9 Aug. 2006). In October 2006, Zahidov was sentenced to three years imprisonment (AFP 4 Oct. 2006; AI 24 Jan. 2007c; HRW 11 Jan. 2007; RSF 4 Oct. 2006). Some sources report that the sentence was "clearly politically motivated" (ibid.; AFP 4 Oct. 2006), that it was based on "trumped up" (CPJ 4 Oct. 2006) or "spurious" (HRW 11 Jan. 2007) drug charges and that Zahidov did not receive a fair trial (AI 24 Jan. 2007c; RSF 4 Oct. 2006).

Another Azadliq journalist, Fikret Huseynli, was attacked on 5 March 2006 (RSF 6 Mar. 2006; AI 10 Jan. 2007; ibid. 24 Jan. 2007b; RFE/RL 7 Mar. 2006; HRW 11 Jan. 2007). Sources report that he was "severely beaten" (ibid.), "tortured" (RSF 6 Mar. 2006) and "left for dead on the outskirts of Baku" (AI 24 Jan. 2007b; RFE/RL 7 Mar. 2006). AI reports that Huseynli had also received threatening phone calls prior to his attack telling him to cease his work (24 Jan. 2007b; AI 10 Jan. 2007).

In November 2006, editor-in-chief Samir Sadagatoglu (or Samir Sadaght Oughlo) and reporter Rafiq Tagi (also known as Rafiq Nazar Oughlo Taghizadh), both employees of the independent newspaper Sanat, were arrested for publishing an article alleged to be "blasphemous" (RSF 3 Dec. 2006; CPJ 12 Jan. 2007; ibid. 17 Nov. 2006). Sadagatoglu and Tagi were charged under Article 283 of the penal code for "inciting racial, national and religious hatred" (RSF 12 Jan. 2007; CPJ 17 Nov. 2006). An Iranian ayatollah issued a fatwa calling for the death of the two journalists (RSF 3 Dec. 2006; CPJ 12 Jan. 2007). In January 2007, a court ordered their pre-trial detention to be extended for another two months (ibid.; RSF 12 Jan. 2007).

In August 2006, Shahin Agabeyli, editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper Milli Yol, was arrested for ignoring a court summons for defamation charges (IRFS 2 Oct. 2006; AI 16 Aug. 2006). He was sentenced to fines and one year imprisonment for three charges of defamation (ibid.; ibid. 24 Jan. 2007b; CPJ 10 Aug. 2006), while the fourth charge of insulting the interior minister was postponed (IRFS 2 Oct. 2006). RSF indicates that the libel suit against Agabeyli was dismissed after he apologized to the Interior Minister (22 Aug. 2006; see also IRFS 2 Oct. 2006) and AI reports that Agabeyli received a pardon in October 2006 after having served two months of his sentence (24 Jan. 2007b).

In May 2006, Bahaddin Haziyev, the editor-in-chief of the opposition newspaper Bizim Yol, was attacked by unknown assailants (Turan News Agency 19 May 2006; Trend News Agency 19 May 2006; EurasiaNet 2 Jan. 2007; HRW 11 Jan. 2007). Haziyev, who was told to stop writing "critical articles" (AI 10 Jan. 2007), was "beaten" and left by a lake in a Baku suburb (ibid.; ibid. 24 Jan. 2007b; OSCE 19 May 2006).

This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. This Response is not, and does not purport to be, conclusive as to the merit of any particular claim for refugee protection. Please find below the list of additional sources consulted in researching this Information Request.


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Additional Sources Consulted

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