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Comments by the State of Qatar on the conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture (CAT/C/QAT/CO/1)

7 April 2009 | Publisher: UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) | Document type: Comments on Concluding Observations

Doha Centre journalist forbidden to leave Qatar

24 March 2009 | Publisher: Reporters Without Borders | Document type: Country News

Matter of M-A-S-

19 March 2009 | Publisher: United States Board of Immigration Appeals | Document type: Case Law

Challenging Repression: Human Rights Defenders in the Middle East and North Africa

11 March 2009 | Publisher: Amnesty International | Document type: Country Reports

Nationality Rights for All: A Progress Report and Global Survey on Statelessness

11 March 2009 | Publisher: Refugees International | Document type: Thematic Reports

2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Qatar

25 February 2009 | Publisher: United States Department of State | Document type: Annual Reports

Elimination of discrimination against persons affected by leprosy and their family members : report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

23 February 2009 | Publisher: UN Human Rights Council | Document type: Thematic Reports

Women's Rights in the Middle East and North Africa 2009 - Qatar

11 February 2009 | Publisher: Freedom House | Document type: Country Reports

Global Report on Trafficking in Persons

February 2009 | Publisher: UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) | Document type: Thematic Reports

Arbitrary deprivation of nationality : report of the Secretary-General

26 January 2009 | Publisher: UN Human Rights Council | Document type: Country Reports

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