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The Refworld legal collection has been designed primarily as a tool for disseminating and promoting (international) law relating to refugees, asylum seekers, stateless persons and other persons of concern to UNHCR.

UNHCR staff, refugee lawyers, all those involved with refugee-status determination within Governments, and others concerned with the rights of refugees and asylum seekers, can find a wealth of relevant documents in the collection. Included in the collection is a unique jurisprudence collection, covering more than 40 national jurisdictions, and a vast amount of international judgments and decisions from the United Nations, the European Court of Human Rights and other international and regional courts. A comprehensive collection of international instruments relating to refugees and human rights, with the most recent lists of States Parties to key conventions, is also available. The legislation collection, contains national and international legislation relevant in assessing asylum claims and is the largest collection of its kind. Finally, Refworld contains many special agreements, such as memoranda of understanding, host-country agreements and voluntary repatriation agreements.

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Arrêt n° 147 792

16 June 2015 | Publisher: Belgium: Conseil du Contentieux des Etrangers | Document type: Case Law

Detention Action v First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) & Ors

12 June 2015 | Publisher: United Kingdom: High Court (England and Wales) | Document type: Case Law

Matter of J-R-R-A-

11 June 2015 | Publisher: United States Board of Immigration Appeals | Document type: Case Law

Owale Mayemba v. Chairperson of Standing Committee for Refugee Affairs Refugee Status Determination Officer

10 June 2015 | Publisher: South Africa: High Court | Document type: Case Law

Saving the cultural heritage of Iraq : resolution / adopted by the General Assembly

9 June 2015 | Publisher: UN General Assembly | Document type: Resolutions/Recommendations/Declarations

Security Council resolution 2224 (2015) [on extension of the mandate of the Panel of Experts Established pursuant to Resolution 1929 (2010) concerning the Islamic Republic of Iran until 9 July 2016]

9 June 2015 | Publisher: UN Security Council | Document type: Resolutions/Recommendations/Declarations

X c. l'État belge

9 June 2015 | Publisher: Belgium: Conseil d'État | Document type: Case Law

Gaye v. Holder, Attorney General

9 June 2015 | Publisher: United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit | Document type: Case Law

J.K. and Others v. Sweden

4 June 2015 | Publisher: Council of Europe: European Court of Human Rights | Document type: Case Law

K.M. c. Suisse

2 June 2015 | Publisher: Council of Europe: European Court of Human Rights | Document type: Case Law

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