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Polish daily's Belarus correspondent arrested

7 April 2011 | Publisher: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty | Document type: Country News

Poland: 1. Please provide an analysis of the rights of gays and lesbians in Poland and their ability to express their sexuality freely. 2. Please provide an analysis of the treatment of gay men in Poland by private actors. 3. Please provide an analysis of the availability of state protection for gay men in Poland. 4. Please provide similar analyses with respect to the United Kingdom, which identifies any relevant differences amongst the four countries of the state, and Poland

15 March 2011 | Publisher: Australia: Refugee Review Tribunal | Document type: Query Responses

Charte Sociale Europeenne: 10e rapport national sur l'application de la Charte sociale européenne soumis par le Gouvernment de la Pologne (Articles 7, 8 et 17 pour la période 01/01/2003 – 31/12/2009 ; Articles 16 et 19 pour la période 01/01/2005 – 31/12/2009)

7 February 2011 | Publisher: Council of Europe | Document type: Country Reports

World Report 2011 - European Union

24 January 2011 | Publisher: Human Rights Watch | Document type: Annual Reports

The different national practices concerning granting of non-EU harmonised protection statuses

December 2010 | Publisher: European Migration Network (EMN) | Document type: Thematic Reports

2010 Report on International Religious Freedom - Poland

17 November 2010 | Publisher: United States Department of State | Document type: Annual Reports

Open secret: Mounting evidence of Europe's complicity in rendition and secret detention

15 November 2010 | Publisher: Amnesty International | Document type: Country Reports

Pologne : information sur la violence conjugale, y compris la protection, les services et les recours à la disposition des victimes (2007-octobre 2010)

8 November 2010 | Publisher: Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada | Document type: Query Responses

Poland: Domestic violence, including protection, services and recourse available to victims (2007 - October 2010)

8 November 2010 | Publisher: Canada: Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada | Document type: Query Responses

Policing Belief: The Impact of Blasphemy Laws on Human Rights - Poland

21 October 2010 | Publisher: Freedom House | Document type: Country Reports

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